Gotta love our President Trump. The media attacks him – ‘unamerican’ , ‘danger to the free press’, blah blah blah. Instead of backing off, he doubles down, and people hear him and understand him.

We’re witnessing the rise of a great President: A courageous leader with the heart of a warrior. He knows exactly why he was elected and he intends to follow through on it – the opposition be damned. We need to savor and digest this moment in American History.

In time, people will see results, tune out the noise from the media, and he will become much more popular. Reagan was able to do that. The media maligned him, he marginalized them with his ability to communicate directly to people in his speaches, etc – ‘the great communicator’. He won 44/50 states in 1980 – a historic landslide by all accounts. But in 1984 he won 49/50!

Trump will do the same, in his own (very different) style. In his own way, unique to our politics until now, Trump is also ‘a great communicator’ – but his communication is through the gut, more than directly through¬†brain. That doesn’t mean there are no ideas in his message¬†– he simply uses a different conduit for conveying his ideas to their destination.

The Left and the media continue throwing tantrums whenever the President speaks or acts. Every time they do so, they lose more ground. President Trump, with his unique genius, is provoking them into making themselves continually more ridiculous and irrelevant. as he has done to every opponent who has squared off with him up until now.

The Sunday shows today (2-26-2017) were filled with traditional pundits, fretting and pontificating about Congressional investigations into “the Russian Effect”, the anti-Trump protests ( principally instigated by professional leftist agitation groups such as Obama’s OFA), and Trump’s “low approval ratings”.

Their inevitable and very predictable conclusion: The GOP will suffer severe setbacks in the 2018 Midterms, due to dissatisfaction with President Trump. But from the results of the Election of 2016, we already know how much weight we should give to their opinions…

If GOP incumbents suffer setbacks in 2018, it will be in the primaries, should they fail to help Mr. Trump achieve his objectives, and we’ll see a Congress more sympathetic to the President in 2018.

The President’s opponents deem him dangerous – they are correct:
He’s very dangerous to them.


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