Breitbart News: Sabotage of Trump Agenda by Bureaucrats

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning wants Congress to help President Trump get rid of “rogue bureaucrats [who] are not serving the American people” by “cutting the personnel budgets of non-defense civilian departments and agencies, reducing the enacted full-time equivalent number for each department, agency and office by 10 to 20 percent reduction in the workforce on a last-one-in, first-one-out basis,” according to a statement released on Friday.

“By now it should be abundantly clear to the Trump administration that there are Obama administration holdovers in the 1.3 million non-defense, civilian federal workforce who have no other intention than to politically damage the White House,” Manning said.

Breitbart News has reported extensively on many ways federal bureaucrats who oppose President Trump’s policies are sabotaging his agenda.

“That sabotage comes in several forms, from secretly circulating emails among fellow ideologically committed members of the federal bureaucracy plotting strategy, to working behind the scenes with Democratic legislators to create out-of-the-ordinary bureaucratic actions, to leaking confidential documents to the press,” as Breitbart News reported earlier this month.

A number of federal bureaucrats are expanding the means by which they are resisting the policies of President Trump….

Read Complete Story @ Manning: Sabotage of Trump Agenda by Bureaucrats Should Spark ’10 to 20 Percent Reduction of Federal Workforce’


The unelected, unaccountable Federal Bureaucracy, together with the more infamous  unelected, unaccountable Federal Judiciary,  pose the greatest dangers to our once-great republic.

We hope to continue to post stories and comments to inform about the immense powers and great dangers presented by the fourth, shadow branch of government now known as The Deep State.


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