About TyphoidMikey (bow-tie-neck)

TyphoidMikey has a Ph.D. in Judaic Theology and Jurisprudence from an accredited and established Israeli university, where he also served as an Associate Professor for several years. He is a published author of scholarly and commercial articles and translations, in both Hebrew and English.

TM is a certified Paralegal and Notary Public, graduating with honors from a well known American university’s ABA approved Paralegal Studies Program. (Classroom, not online.)

TM is a Microsoft Certified Professional software developer, and for many years has paid the bills by writing financial applications for big, bad capitalists.

TM has also held an Amateur Radio Operators General Class License for many years, and has “worked the world” from his innocuous appearing cubicle apartment, somewhere in the urban wilderness of NYC.

TM served as an IDF reservist for a number of years, but never saw active duty. He lived through several wars and intifadas during his time in Israel, including the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

In 1990 TM was fortunate enough to escape with his life after being pursued by a band of crazed Arabs in East Jerusalem, who stoned the vehicle in which he was riding. He also lived and worked only a few blocks from Ground Zero on 9/11, and witnessed first hand the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath in NYC.

In an earlier life, TM was a musician, and remains active in jam sessions, open mics, etc.

Being a political junky with hands-on “in the field-retail” political experience, as well as an obsessive writer and scandal monger, TM publishes this blog of small but relevant nuggets of political news and general current events with minimal commentary, in hopes of sparking others to consider somewhat offbeat perspectives about current news stories.